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Light fastness tester in delhi MBTL light fastness tester dealer in delhi india MBTL light fastness tester manufacturers in india Receiving praise from all around, we, a manufacturer, exporter & supplier, sit among the top figures in the industry. Digital light fastness tester on offer is available in a wide selection of designs. Color fastness tester is used to determine the color fastness and degradation of textiles and dyed material against sunlight. Light fastness tester comes with a 500 watt mbtl fading lamp. Lay your hands on this wonderful quality at nominal rates. Fixed Drum Type Comprising Of : Specimen holder - 4nos. Test tube holders for humidity control – 50 nos. Water tank - 1no. Pump - 1no. Hour meter with buzzer - 1no. Voltage stabilizer – 1no. Potassium carbonate – 500gm (1 box). Liquid filler (syringe). Optional : Full Set Blue Wool Standard 1 To 8 Or Grey Scale For more information Call us : +91-9953534917 / +91-9718432297 (whatsapp no.) or visit our website :
Washing fastness tester dealer in delhi laundro meter manufacturers in india Banking on our world class facilities and high-tech machinery, we as a manufacturer, exporter & supplier, aim to enchant our customers by distinction. Washing fastness tester on offer is available in an assortment of specifications. The manufacturing process is carried out by a team of skilled professionals who put their utmost efforts to ensure they produce the best possible quality. This laundrometer is used to wash the fabric sample for various tests for determining color fastness. for more information : +91-9953534917/ + 9 1 -9718432297 (Whatapp no.)
HTHP beaker dyeing machine suppliers HTHP beaker dyeing machine supplier in delhi HTHP beaker dyeing machine manufacturer in delhi high temperature beaker dyeing machine supplier in delhi glycerin bath beaker dyeing machine supplier in delhi Double wall SS Structure with Glycerin Bath. Capacities: 12 x 250ml, 16/18 x 250ml. also in 500ml, 1000ml. SS 316 jars. Heating – 3x 2.5kw. Microprocessor based temp. programmer & membrane key pad. Water cooling through copper coil. Optional: Variable speed drive or
water bath manufacturers water bath suppliers water bath manufacturer in delhi water bath supplier in delhi water bath suppliers in delhi NCR Water bath Fully SS structure, capacity: 6 x 500ml, 12 x 500ml. with digital TIC. Jars of SS 316.
IR Beaker Dyeing Machine manufacturers IR Beaker Dyeing Machine supplier in delhi IR Beaker Dyeing Machine manufacturer in delhi IR beaker dyeing machine dealer in delhi IR beaker dyeing machine supplier in delhi NCR infrared beaker dyeing machine supplier Works on the principle of infra red heating. Suitable for high rate of rise in temperature. Capacities:- 12 x 250ml, 16/18 x 250ml, also in 500ml, 1000ml. Equipped with microprocessor based temperature programmer & membrane key pad, Air cooling. Optional:- Variable speed drive or
perpirometer suppliers persirometer manufacturers persirometer supplier in delhi persirometer manufacturer in delhi perspirometer manufacturer in delhi NCR perspiro meter, perspiration test, color fastness to perspiration, Perspirometer Suitable for both ISO & AATCC Standards –supplied with 21nos acrylic plates & 100nos. adjacent fabric.
Pilling Tester manufacturers in India Pilling tester suppliers in India Pilling tester manufacturers in delhi Pilling tester suppliers in delhi 2 box pilling tester manufacturers VGOTECH DIGITAL PILLING TESTER is a fabric testing instrument / garment testing equipments used to check the pilling resistance of the fabric.  With digital pre-set revolution counter & test template  With Electronic LED Display.  8 Nos. Pilling Tubes.  Size of wooden box -225 x 225 x 225mm  Thickness of cork -3mm  Speed of rotation -60rpm  Size of test specimen -125 x 125mm  Size of tubes -32 ODx 25.5 ID x 150mm length Pilling Tester – 2Box or 4box model Can be supplied with imported cork liner & PU tubes.
SDC Grey Scale suppliers in India SDC Grey Scale supplier in delhi Grey Scale dealer in delhi NCR SDC & AATCC Grey Scale For change in colour & assessing staining AATCC Grey Scale, SDC Grey Scale, or
Exposure rack manufacturers in India exposure rack manufacturer in delhi exposure rack manufacturer in delhi NCR exposure rack suppliers Exposure Rack For Colour Fastness against day light – With 20 Mounting Cards