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Washing fastness tester dealer in delhi laundro meter manufacturers in india Banking on our world class facilities and high-tech machinery, we as a manufacturer, exporter & supplier, aim to enchant our customers by distinction. Washing fastness tester on offer is available in an assortment of specifications. The manufacturing process is carried out by a team of skilled professionals who put their utmost efforts to ensure they produce the best possible quality. This laundrometer is used to wash the fabric sample for various tests for determining color fastness. for more information : +91-9953534917/ + 9 1 -9718432297 (Whatapp no.)
sublimation tester suppliers sublimation tester manufacturers sublimation tester suppliers in delhi sublimation tester manufactures in delhi sublimation tester manufacturers in delhi NCR Sublimation Tester Standards: ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92, 114, 117, 133 Specifications:- Test the effect of dry heat on sublimation properties of dyestuff. Fixed temperature of 150ºC, 180 ºC & 210 ºC on each pad or variable by + 30 ºC of the fixed temperature setting. Number of heating station 3. Number of pads 6, 2 for each stations with individual heating. Size of each pad 40mm to 100mm. Timer range 10 to 60 second.
Fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in Delhi fabric sample swatch cutter suppliers in Delhi fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in India fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in Delhi NCR fabric sample swatch cutter dealers in delhi Fabric Sample Swatch Cutter – Manual (Zig Zag Cutter) Technical Data 1. Knife Length -300mm 2. Cutting height at half width-45mm 3. Table size -305mm x 755mm – (300mm) General Specifications 1. Hand operated swatch and sample cutting machine. 2. Suitable for small number of samples. 3. Designed for textile samples with serrated or straight edges. 4. Precise and accurate thanks to right angle guide with millimeter graduation. 5. Easy to operate, very handy. 6. Reliable and maintenance-free. 7. comes with an operations manual. 8. Unmatched price.
vgotech HANK YARN DYEING MACHINE – SUITABLE FOR WOOL, COTTON, CARPET YARN ETC.. lab HANK DYEING MACHINE MANUFACTURER in delhi Capacity: 5kg Capacity: 7kg/10kg Capacity: 20/25kg Optional: Injected Pump & AC Drive - It is extensively used in garment and textile industries for dyeing all types of yarns and fibers. By making use of quality-tested raw material, this machine is manufactured at our hi-tech manufacturing unit as per set international quality standards. Further, our offered machine is available in different technical specifications to meet the diverse requirements of the clients. A cabinet hank dyeing machine consists of following main components: • Main dyeing vessel made of SS • Carriers for loading of hanks with SS sticks for loading of hanks. • An internal axial pump or an external pump for liquor circulation. • An indirect heating system(with internal or external heat exchanger) • An addition tank with injector pump • Preparation tank • An internal or external sampling device
vgo Stenter Machine Manufacturer in delhi vgo Stenter Machine Suppliers in delhi fully ss model 1. For all Drying, Curing of sample, Suitable for finishing & dyeing tests in laboratory, such as resin finishing, hand feel, color change etc. 2. Equipped with SS cloth pin frame, which can maintain a correct structure during test and after test. 3. Automatic temperature control with circulation system which ensures even temperature distribution throughout the chamber 4. Automatic timer control, to suit different working conditions. 5. Easy operation, save time Technical Specifications: Model : Fully SS Working Width : 450 x 350mm Overall Dimension : 700(W) x 1300(L) x 800(H) MM Working Temp. : Max 220°C Timer Controller : 10 sec. to 99min. Power Supply : 415, 3P, 50HZ Power Consumption : 4.5KW.
vgo Sublimation Tester in India Standards: ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92, 114, 117, 133 Specifications:- Test the effect of dry heat on sublimation properties of dyestuff. Fixed temperature of 150ºC, 180 ºC & 210 ºC on each pad or variable by + 30 ºC of the fixed temperature setting. Number of heating station 3. Number of pads 6, 2 for each stations with individual heating. Size of each pad 40mm to 100mm. Timer range 10 to 60 second. vgo Sublimation Tester Manufacturers in India vgo Sublimation Tester Suppliers in India
The GSM Scale is used for the determination of the weight of yarn, fabric or garment.Our range of weighing scale at VGOTECH INDIA is in tandem with international quality norms, offered at market leading prices and is characterized by accuracy and user-friendliness. GSM scales are used everywhere like in all industry, and are a convenient option for our textile merchants too. The unit is recommended for Yield testing i.e. determination of weight per unit area. For determining the weight per area, a weighing scale having the minimum sensitivity of 0.01 gm is required. Features of GSM Scale: A standard laboratory / Industrial grade testing scale model. Effectively measures GSM of fabric and other products like yarn and garment. A tool is offered to cut fabric of specific size and if weighed on the scale offered, the reading displayed is the GSM of that fabric. Gives precise readings. Has durability and enhanced longevity. Specifications of GSM Weighing Scale: The backlight: White. Units: g, dwt, ct, gn Automatic power-off: 1 minute Calibration function;: Yes Tare (zero) feature: Yes Low power indicator: LO_ Over load indicator: O_Ld Power: 2 x AAA batteries Temperature limits: 0-40° C (32-104°F) Scale & cabinet: 230 x 160 x 40 mm, Cabinet : 100 x 160 x 160 mm Platform size: 120 mm diameter Scale Net weight / Gross Weight: 440 g / 580 g Range: 600g / 0.01g Large LCD: 165 x 25 mm Power adaptor: 220 V, 9v/100mA How GSM Scale works? Press I/O button to start scale and wait till 0.00 display value. Press the M (Mode) button to select Weighing units: g, gn, dwt, ct. Then press T (Tare) button and wait for 0.00 values on screen. Place the piece of fabric on the pan. Measure the weight of the fabric.
the Water Impact Penetration Tester - tests water penetration resistance of the garment fabrics. Water Impact Penetration Tester from VGOTECH INDIA promises unbeatable quality at affordable price it is also calibrated. Its aim is to test the water absorbency –resistance degree for Waterproof fabric or other material. It is a standard procedure for determining the resistance to water penetration under uniform static air pressure differences. The instrument can be switched between high pressure and low pressure. This test method is applicable to any textile fabric, which may or may not have been given a water–repellent finish. It measures the resistance of fabric to the penetration of water by impact, and thus can be used to predict the probable resistance of fabrics to rain penetration.Water Impact Penetration Tester is widely used by umbrella, Rain coat fabric manufacturer, water proof fabric manufacturer and processors, to check the water penetration of the fabric by rain penetration test. Features of Water Penetration Tester: Equipment is portable. Very convenient to use. White AATCC textile blotting paper is used for testing. Ensures accurate results. Specifications of Water Penetration Tester: Over all Dimensions of the Unit: 25cm x 30cm x 55cm Water Penetration Tester Confirms with following international standards: AATCC 42-2000 How Water Penetration Tester works? Clamp one end of the specimen under 152mm spring clamp at the top of the inclined stand. A standard blotter paper 152 x 230 mm is weighed to the nearest 0.1g and inserted beneath the test specimen. Pour the distilled water into the funnel of tester and allow spraying onto the test specimen. The water should be poured into the funnel without imparting any swirling motion of the water in the funnel. Upon completion of the spraying period, the test specimen is carefully lifted, the blotter beneath removed, and then quickly reweighed to the nearest 0.1 g.
Pick Glass with Lights helps in checking the reed pick of the fabric. It also helps in checking the weaving, dyeing & printing defects in the fabric if any is made. VGOTECH INDIA is an ultimate destination to buy the best quality Reed Pick Glass at affordable price. Features of Pick Glass: Reed Pick check fabric reed picks. It visualizes (8x) It enables counting of needle one by one. Possess light & adjustable lenses to see fabric clearly. Specifications of Reed Pick Glass: Range: 1" Inch Zoom: 8x Focus: Adjustable Lights: White LED Batteries: Button cell Total Size: 30 mm (L) x 30 mm (W) x 35 mm (H) Weight: 40 gm. Packaged Quantity: 1 Piece. A Needle will be supplied with each glass. How does Reed Pick Glass works? Any fabric's ends per cm and picks per cm can be checked easily by viewing fabric at 90°.