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Pilling Tester manufacturers in India Pilling tester suppliers in India Pilling tester manufacturers in delhi Pilling tester suppliers in delhi 2 box pilling tester manufacturers VGOTECH DIGITAL PILLING TESTER is a fabric testing instrument / garment testing equipments used to check the pilling resistance of the fabric.  With digital pre-set revolution counter & test template  With Electronic LED Display.  8 Nos. Pilling Tubes.  Size of wooden box -225 x 225 x 225mm  Thickness of cork -3mm  Speed of rotation -60rpm  Size of test specimen -125 x 125mm  Size of tubes -32 ODx 25.5 ID x 150mm length Pilling Tester – 2Box or 4box model Can be supplied with imported cork liner & PU tubes.
The “VGOTECH” Flammability Tester (ASTM D5132) for interior of motor vehicle consists of a stainless steel box. The box has four slits of specified width on the upper part of all sides and the bottom plate has 10holes of specified diameter. The box have an access window of a heat resistant glass plate in the front, and a door that have a slot that allow U-shaped clamp enter the box, and a hole for passing a hose from a gas burner, on the side. The box is fitted with four legs and the bottom part raised by 10mm. the clamps made of metal of U-shape of a specified dimension. A Bunsen burner of specified dimension is fitted on the bottom of the stainless steel box. The length of flame control with the help of the needle valve. The flame of the burner is automatically controlled with the help digital preset timer and synchronous motor. vgo HORIZONTAL FLAMMABILITY TESTER MANUFACTURER in delhi vgo HORIZONTAL FLAMMABILITY TESTER MANUFACTURER in delhi TECHNICAL DATA Size of chamber : 385 mm Wide 204 mm Deep 356 mm Height Size of slit on the top : 12.7 mm Inside diameter of burner : 9.5 ± 0.5 mm RELATED STANDARD JASO M 313-83, FMVSS302, ASTM D5132
VGOTECH PADDING MANGLE - Roll Size 120mm X 300 Mm: For Cool Padding. vgo PADDING MANGLE MANUFACTURER in delhi  Minimum time is required for padding sample  At trough is provided below the bowls to collect liquor after padding.  Machine Type: Laboratory Vertical Padding Mangle.  Maximum Working Width: 300mm.  Roll Size: Diameter 120mm X 300mm  Electrical Supply: Single Phase 230 Volts, 50 HZ.  Motor: ¼ HP, , DC Geared Motor.(With Reverse & Forward System)  Shore Hardness: @60-65.  Roller Coating: Rubber roll 1 Piece & Ebonite roll 1 Piece.  Speed of Rolls:-Variable Speed.
hot air oven manufacturers hot air oven suppliers hot air oven manufacturer in delhi hot air oven supplier in delhi hot air oven supplier in delhi NCR hot air oven manufacturer in delhi NCR Hot Air Oven Upto 200°C. standard Size: 18” x 18” x 18”. With digital TIC & Air circulation fan. 2nos jail type trays. Heater –Tubular finner air heaters of 2kw. Indigenous table top type models-Auto temperature compensation –supplied with.
color matching cabinet suppliers color matching cabinet manufacturers color matching cabinet supplier in delhi color matching cabinet manufacturer in delhi color matching cabinet supplier in delhi NCR color matching cabinet manufacturer in delhi NCR Colour Matching Cabinet Available 2ft & 4ft sizes tublelight, Metal body and wooden body with light sources:- D-65, TL-84, CWF, TL-83, UV, U-30, U-35, Illuminant A, Filament Bulb.
sublimation tester suppliers sublimation tester manufacturers sublimation tester suppliers in delhi sublimation tester manufactures in delhi sublimation tester manufacturers in delhi NCR Sublimation Tester Standards: ISO 105, BS 1006, AATCC 92, 114, 117, 133 Specifications:- Test the effect of dry heat on sublimation properties of dyestuff. Fixed temperature of 150ºC, 180 ºC & 210 ºC on each pad or variable by + 30 ºC of the fixed temperature setting. Number of heating station 3. Number of pads 6, 2 for each stations with individual heating. Size of each pad 40mm to 100mm. Timer range 10 to 60 second.
Conditioning chamber manufacturers in India Conditioning chamber manufacturer in delhi Conditioning chamber manufacturer in delhi NCR Conditioning chamber supplier delhi Conditioning Chamber -18” x 18” x 24” Inside Chamber of SS 304 of Size – 18” X 18” X 24”, & outside Body of MS with Powder coated finish. Temprature& RH%Range - Temp. – 0 -50ºC. +2ºC. RH - 65% to 85% + 3% RH, The equipment is provided with Digital Temp. & RH % Indicator Controller. A separate water tank with 1.5KW heater is provided to generate steam for humidity inside, the chamber & temperature inside the chamber is obtained through heater along the 3 side walls of the chamber. For cooling ‘Emerson’ CFC free compressor has been provided”
Fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in Delhi fabric sample swatch cutter suppliers in Delhi fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in India fabric sample swatch cutter manufacturers in Delhi NCR fabric sample swatch cutter dealers in delhi Fabric Sample Swatch Cutter – Manual (Zig Zag Cutter) Technical Data 1. Knife Length -300mm 2. Cutting height at half width-45mm 3. Table size -305mm x 755mm – (300mm) General Specifications 1. Hand operated swatch and sample cutting machine. 2. Suitable for small number of samples. 3. Designed for textile samples with serrated or straight edges. 4. Precise and accurate thanks to right angle guide with millimeter graduation. 5. Easy to operate, very handy. 6. Reliable and maintenance-free. 7. comes with an operations manual. 8. Unmatched price.
VGOTECH SHRINKAGE TEMPLATE with Size 500 X 500mm with slots at 350 x 350mm. it’s used for finding accurate Shrinkage in fabric and Garments. shrinkage template scale suppliers shrinkage template manufacturers  With Scale & 2no.Fabric Marker Pen for more details pl click at below link..