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Conditioning chamber manufacturers in India Conditioning chamber manufacturer in delhi Conditioning chamber manufacturer in delhi NCR Conditioning chamber supplier delhi Conditioning Chamber -18” x 18” x 24” Inside Chamber of SS 304 of Size – 18” X 18” X 24”, & outside Body of MS with Powder coated finish. Temprature& RH%Range - Temp. – 0 -50ºC. +2ºC. RH - 65% to 85% + 3% RH, The equipment is provided with Digital Temp. & RH % Indicator Controller. A separate water tank with 1.5KW heater is provided to generate steam for humidity inside, the chamber & temperature inside the chamber is obtained through heater along the 3 side walls of the chamber. For cooling ‘Emerson’ CFC free compressor has been provided”
vgo Conditioning Chamber Manufacturers in delhi the Humidity Chamber Manufacturers in delhi Conditioning Chamber - 18” x 18” x 24” - Digital TIC : Inside Chamber of SS 304 of Size – 18” X 18” X 24”, & outside Body of MS with Powder coated finish. Temprature& RH%Range - Temp. – 0 -50ºC. +2ºC. RH - 65% to 85% + 3% RH, Flammability Tester (Inclined Type), Vertical, and Horizontal models also available. vgo Conditioning Chamber Suppliers in delhi the Humidity Chamber Suppliers in delhi
Hight Temperature Hight Pressor Beaker Dyeing Machine to fabric dyeing and matching test samle. its come with 12pots of 250m and 24pots of 250ml with Fully SS with SS 304 and SS 316. HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine in India
Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in delhi with 12pots of 250ml in fully ss body. it is use for dyaing and matching of textile, fabric, yarns etc. Ir Beaker Dyeing Machine is made inside with ss316 and outside ss304 with high quality. 18pots and 24pots of 250ml/500ml model also available with us as well as we also make customised model.
hthp beaker dyeing machine used for color matching and dyeing for fabric, yarn etc. its come 12beakers of 250ml, 500ml and 18beakers, 24beakers of 250ml, 500ml it makes with fully ss with micro processor based programmer. lab dyeing machine manufacturers
perspiro meter to be used for perspiration against color fastness for fabrics, yarns, with 24pcs acrylic plates, it comes as per iso and aatcc Standards.
Infra Red Beaker Dyeing Machine with Dosing System VGOTECH IR BEAKER DYEING MACHINE with Wash Test Unit:- Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine used by textile manufacturer as lab dyeing equipment for sample/ matching dyeing of FABRIC, YARN, FIBRE & amp; POLYSTER, COTTON Sample Dyeing etc. (Lab Dip). The Model available with us 12 x 250ml, 12 x 500ml, 18 x 250/500ml, and 24 Pots x 250/300ml – Fully SS (Dosing Type).. Note: All other Model also would be made as per users requirments.
vgotech INFRA RED BEAKER DYEING MACHINE MANUFACTURERS in delhi Capacity: 24 x 250ml/300ml please contac for more details,, M:9718432297, 9953534917, 011-65166770
vgo BOD Incubator Manufacturers in India – Capacity 18” x 18” x 24” Double Wall Structure with insulation to prevent thermal losses. Inside Chamber of SS 304 & outer body of MS – Powder Coated. Temperature Range – 5 to 50ºC + 2o C Compressor - Emerson make. Full view inner glass door with lock & key arrangement. Air Circulating fan for Uniform heating. vgo BOD Incubator Suppliers in India