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Crockmeter Manufacturer, Manual Crockmeter Manufacturer, Digital Crockmeter Motorised, Crock Meter with finger clip, aatcc crocking square, Rubbing Fastness Tester, color fastness to rubbing.

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We r the manufacturer for Sublimation Tester with 3points. Its also called heating pressing, Sublimation Tester Manufacturer, color fastness to heating.

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We are the leading n trusty manufacturer for Light Fastness Tester with mbtl lamp with fixed drum. Its to be used for colour fastness to light. Its also called mbtl Light Fastness Manufacturer.

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Rota Dyer Manufacturer in delhi india, Open Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine Manufacturer, Gylicerin Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine Manufacturer. It comes with 12x250ml, 500ml with fully ss, customised model also made on order.

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Washing Fastness Tester Manufacturer in delhi india, it comes with fully ss with 8x550ml capacity, 4+550ml+4x1200ml capacity, 8+550mlx8+1200ml capacity as per IS, ISO n AATCC Standard. It also called Launderometer, Color Fastness Tester, colour fastness to washing, rotawash

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Conditioning Chamber Manufacturer in delhi with size of 18"x18"x18", 24, 28" im ms/ss body n fully ss body, it also called Humidity Conditioning Chamber

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Ir Beaker Dyeing Machine Manufacturer in delhi. It comes with fully steelness steel with capacity of 12x250ml, 18x250m, 24x250ml n 500m pots, other model to be made by order. Its also called Infrared Beaker Dyeing Machine or Lab Dyeing Testing Machine.

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Hthp Beaker Dyeing Machine Manufacturer in delhi. It comes with fully ss with 12x250ml, 18x250ml, 24x250ml n 500ml, customised model to be ready on order as per user require. Its also called Lab Beaker Dyeing Machine or High Temperature Beaker Dyeing Machine

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Martindale Abrasion cum pilling tester manufacturer in delhi with 4heads alongwith 140mm round cutter, 38mm cutter, sdc abradant fabric, PU foam, non woven felt accessories with calibration certificate traceable by NABL lab n with Operating Manual. Martindale Abrasion Tester Manufacturer

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Shore Hardness Tester Supplier, Shore A Type, Shore D Type, Shore C Type, Package Hardness Tester Supplier, Rubber Hardness Tester Supplier in delhi